Course curriculum

    1. Overview of Outlook features and capabilities

    2. Setting up a new Outlook account and configuring preferences

    1. Using the inbox rules feature to sort and filter emails

    2. Setting up automatic replies and out-of-office notifications

    3. Using the search function to locate specific emails quickly

    1. Creating and scheduling appointments and meetings

    2. Setting up task lists and using the To-Do list feature

    3. Using the calendar to manage time and schedule appointments effectively

    1. Sharing calendars and scheduling appointments with others

    2. Collaborating on tasks and projects using the shared mailbox feature

    3. Using Outlook Groups to collaborate with team members

    1. Customizing the Outlook interface and layout

    2. Using add-ins and plugins to extend Outlook's capabilities

    3. Tips and tricks for troubleshooting common Outlook issues

    1. Recap of key features and concepts covered in the course

    2. Best practices for maximizing productivity with Outlook.

    3. Test your knowledge

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