Course curriculum

    1. Overview of cybersecurity threats and challenges

    2. Importance of cybersecurity for financial professionals

    3. Overview of the course objectives

    1. Types of cyberattacks and their impact

    2. Social engineering and phishing scams

    3. Malware and viruses

    4. Ransomware

    1. Data protection and privacy policies

    2. Password management

    3. Encryption and data backup

    4. Secure data transfer and storage

    1. Cybersecurity policies and procedures

    2. Training and awareness programs

    3. Network and device security

    4. Incident response and reporting

    1. Overview of relevant laws and regulations

    2. Protecting client and customer information

    3. Fines and penalties for data breaches

    4. Liability and insurance considerations

    1. Regular software updates and patches

    2. Staying informed about emerging threats

    3. Developing a risk management plan

    4. Implementing and maintaining cybersecurity measures

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