Course curriculum

    1. Importance of understanding Canadian tax laws for business owners

    2. Overview of the course's content and objectives

    1. Explanation of the Canadian tax system and its key components

    2. Different types of taxes applicable to businesses (e.g., income tax, sales tax)

    1. Comparison of different business structures (sole proprietorship, partnership, corporation)

    2. Pros and cons of each business structure

    3. Tax implications and considerations for each business structure

    1. Understanding how to calculate business income

    2. Identifying deductible business expenses and their tax implications

    1. Overview of tax obligations for businesses (e.g., filing tax returns, remitting taxes

    2. Deadlines and penalties for non-compliance

    1. Overview of tax planning techniques to minimize tax liabilities

    2. Utilizing tax credits, deductions, and incentives available to businesses

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