Course curriculum

    1. Definition and explanation of GST/HST

    2. When GST/HST applies and when it does not apply

    3. Registration and reporting requirements for GST/HST

    4. Input tax credits and how to claim them

    1. How to complete a GST/HST return

    2. Determining the net tax for the reporting period

    3. Filing and payment deadlines for GST/HST returns

    1. Definition and explanation of GST/HST reconciliation

    2. Importance of reconciling GST/HST accounts

    3. Steps in the GST/HST reconciliation process

    4. Common issues that can arise during GST/HST reconciliation and how to resolve them

    1. GST/HST for imports and exports

    2. GST/HST for taxable sales of real property

    3. GST/HST for financial services

    1. Audit and review procedures for GST/HST

    2. Objections and appeals process for GST/HST

    3. GST/HST and tax planning strategies

    4. Test your knowledge

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