Course curriculum

    1. Course Overview

    2. Benefits of Using Credit Card Reward Programs

    3. Video Overview

    1. Cashback rewards

    2. Points-based rewards

    3. Travel rewards

    4. Comparison of rewards programs

    1. Factors to consider when selecting a rewards credit card

    2. Review of popular rewards credit cards in Canada

    3. Credit score requirements for rewards credit cards

    1. Strategies for earning more rewards points

    2. Timing purchases to maximize rewards

    3. Taking advantage of bonus categories and promotions

    1. Options for redeeming rewards points

    2. Maximizing the value of rewards points

    3. How to choose the best redemption option for your needs

    1. How to avoid common mistakes

    2. Staying organized with multiple rewards credit cards

    3. Using credit cards responsibly to avoid debt

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