Course curriculum

    1. Advanced sorting and filtering techniques

    2. Using pivot tables and pivot charts to analyze data

    3. Using data validation to ensure data integrity

    1. Using sparklines and conditional formatting to highlight trends and patterns in data

    2. Creating dynamic charts and graphs with data tables and named ranges

    3. Customizing chart appearance and formatting options

    1. Using macros and VBA to automate tasks

    2. Using templates and styles to streamline formatting

    3. Working with large spreadsheets and data sets

    1. Protecting and securing Excel documents

    2. Sharing and collaborating on Excel documents with other users

    3. Using Excel in a team environment

    1. Tips and tricks for maximizing efficiency and productivity in Excel

    2. Troubleshooting common Excel problems

    3. Advanced Excel resources and learning opportunities

    4. Test your knowledge

About this course

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  • 18 lessons
  • 0 hours of video content

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