Course curriculum

    1. How to Complete the CRA Authorize Representative Request

    2. Overview of Source Deductions and Key Tax Filing Dates for Ontario Small Businesses and Consultants

    3. Why Every Business Owner Needs a Corporate Credit Card That Pays Them Back

    4. How to Pay Yourself as a Small Business Owner in Canada

    5. Choosing a Bookkeeping and Budgeting Tool to Support your Business

    6. The Basics of Your Tax Return

    7. How to Create a Chart of Accounts for Your Small Business.

    8. How to Track Your Revenue the Right Way

    9. How to Generate invoices Using Cloud Accounting Software: Quickbooks and Xero

    10. Tracking Expenses for Independent Consultants: What Can You Claim as a Small Business Expense in Canada?

    11. Leveraging Key Canadian Business Tax Deductions through Percentage of Use Accounts

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