Course curriculum

    1. Importance of Personal Branding

    2. Overview of Topics

    1. The Role of Social Media In Personal Branding

    2. Tips for Creating a Strong Personal Brand on Social Media Platforms

    3. Strategies for Becoming a Recognised Industry Expert

    1. Ways to monetize your personal brand

    2. Examples of Successful Individuals Who Have Monetized Their Personal Brand

    1. Importance of Building Credibility in Personal Branding

    2. Strategies for Building Credibility as an Independent Contractor

    3. Role of LinkedIn In Building Credibility

    1. Starting With What You Feel Comfortable With (writing, video, etc.)

    2. Importance of Having A Focus And Being Genuine

    3. The Importance of Consistency And Being Ready To Fail

    1. The Importance of Creating A Positive Impact In The Community

    2. Attracting Like-Minded Individuals Through Personal Branding

    3. Using Successful Examples For Inspiration

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